How Investing More in Technology Boosts Promo Sales

Technology is changing the face of promo.  The printed catalogue has been replaced by product websites offering enhanced search and instant online quoting. With less need to visit clients (limited to the local area), sales professionals can be more efficient and cover more ground (nationally). They can then spend their time providing branding advice and product recommendations rather than spending time on admin and chasing suppliers. 

Here are the benefits that you can gain from investing more in technology. 

1. Product search across multiple suppliers in one place

Searching for items that meet the customers’ demands no longer necessitates calling up different suppliers and waiting for them to come back to you. When you invest more in technology, you can now search for items in different colours, categories, sizes, and whatever client specifications from different suppliers in just one platform

Brandengine is powered by Promodata, the industry’s leading promo database.  Updated every 24 hours with all the leading promo product suppliers products. Searching for products on Promodata will save time, reduce quoting errors and improve sales efficiency.  

2. Inventory management without chasing up people

Supply chain challenges are the most pressing issue in the industry right now, especially in this time of pandemic coupled with the holiday rush. When sending quotes to the clients, it helps to know if there is enough supply to meet the client’s demands. A smart and advanced promo database can easily show you the real-time inventory levels without having to chase up suppliers. 

Promodata offers instant stock updates without having to call or email the suppliers (only API enabled suppliers). Users can easily check the product info, colour options, and availability through the platform. 

3. Generate a comprehensive personalised quote within seconds

Creating quotes is a repetitive task that surprisingly still involves copying and pasting product information into a document. Fortunately, there is a more efficient way to do this thanks to advanced technology. If you invest in a good promo order platform such as Brandengine, you can easily generate comprehensive quotes with your custom branding within seconds. All you need to do is choose the items you want to include, input the recipient’s details, and you can send it out.

4. Progress tracking from inception to delivery

Order management platforms make managing multiple orders and delegating tasks among team members easier. Typically, orders tend to fall through the cracks when juggling so many orders. However, Brandengine makes it easy to keep track of different orders from inception to delivery as it provides real-time status updates. It is also easy to convert quotes into orders by creating a P/O through the platform with its Xero integration. 

5. Find and activate sales opportunities through the platform

Let’s face it, selling falls on the wayside when everything’s going good in the business. We shouldn’t just rely on reactive selling but rather choose to be more proactive. Pouring more investment into technology helps you do that with intuitive systems to help maintain and strengthen client relationships. It is easy to identify sales opportunities with Brandengine’s smart order management system as they notify users about regularly scheduled events that their clients need promo items for. This makes it easier for companies to reconnect with the client and offer their services. 

Leveraging and strengthening client relationships is easier with Brandengine

Technology is a key tool to building stronger engagement and relationships with clients. Drive results and sales by signing up for Brandengine today!

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