Brandengine’s Cloud Servers are Moving Down Under

At Brandengine, we understand the importance of localising our services and providing powerfully driven cloud solutions that perfectly fit the unique needs of the Australasian Promotional Products Industry. By moving our cloud infrastructure down under, we are reaffirming our commitment to delivering exceptional service and unparalleled performance.

Let’s break down a few reasons why this transition is so important:

Turbocharged Performance and Swift Data Access: Our cloud servers in Australia come with the latest infrastructure and lightning-fast connectivity. This means faster data processing, improved performance, and seamless access to your critical business applications and data. With our servers right here in Australia, you’ll experience reduced latency, allowing you to work with even better speed and efficiency.

Data Sovereignty and Compliance: Data privacy and compliance are vital in today’s digital landscape. By locating our cloud servers in Australia, you can rest easy knowing that your sensitive information remains within Australian borders, complying with local data privacy laws and regulations. We take data security seriously and prioritise the protection of your valuable assets.

Fortified Security and Reliable Disaster Recovery: Our cloud servers in Australia are equipped with robust security measures and comprehensive disaster recovery protocols. We’ve implemented industry-leading practices to keep your data safe and ensure business continuity, even in the face of unexpected events. With our cloud servers, you can focus on driving your business forward while we handle the infrastructure and security aspects.

Scalability and Flexibility Tailored to You: Our cloud infrastructure in Australia has been designed with scalability and flexibility in mind. As your business grows, our solutions can seamlessly adapt to your changing needs. 

Local Support and Expertise: With our cloud servers being located in Australia, we’ll strengthen our local presence. We’re here to provide you with dedicated support from professionals who understand the Australian Promo Industry and can offer timely assistance whenever you need it. 

Our systems will be fully migrated by June 19th, 2023.