5 Things Your Promo Clients Want You to Know

Nowadays, consumers have become more discerning in their shopping choices. No longer just satisfied with good prices, they also want their solutions fast, easy, and efficient. It is no different for promo clients. The promo industry has been steadily growing and competition is getting tougher. For distributors and resellers to stand out to their clients, they need to be able to stay one step ahead and be in tune with their needs. To learn more about their demands, here are the 5 things that clients are looking for in their promotional products partner. 

1. They want solutions to their problems

Marketers and advertisers are pressured to create results for their organisations. They come to promotional companies not just to buy products, but for their expertise to solve their problems. Your company’s role is to be a promotional expert and not just a product salesman. Make sure that your products deliver results that will improve their bottom line. 

2. They expect customised solutions

There is no such thing as cookie-cutter solution, especially in the promo world. In order to give customised solutions, you have to fully understand their business: learn their essence, industry, business landscape, and more. It is only through a complete understanding of their unique needs will you be able to provide solutions that hit the mark. 

3. They want efficiency

Your clients value their time more than anything else. They have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders, so they want hassle-free transactions from their solutions providers. They don’t want to be bothered with problems with their orders or the order processes. They want YOU to take care of them. They demand a seamless, convenient, and unobtrusive shopping experience with the least amount of hand-holding possible. 

4. They need your marketing and promotional expertise

Just like they expect you to know about their industry, they also expect you to know what to do with their specific problems. Show them how your products can be solutions and deliver good ROI. They want to be able to justify the purchase of their products to their superiors. They need you to help them make their marketing and branding campaigns successful. 

5. They are looking for high-quality items

More importantly, they want to get their money’s worth. What is a good promotional marketing strategy without good quality items? Low-grade promo items can break a brand, so make sure that you’re ordering from a reputable promo product company that sources from top suppliers in Australia. 

How promo distributors & resellers can meet their clients’ demands

Business will not stay the same forever and so should your work processes. There is a huge need to increase scalability by streamlining your processes so that you could handle more jobs with less overhead. It is recommended to invest in software that allows you to optimise your workflow to achieve maximum profitability and efficiency. With the time you’ll be saving, you can focus more on boosting sales and providing custom solutions to clients. 

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