4 Business Essentials A Promo Distributor Needs to Hit Sales Targets

There are four crucial skills that every promo business needs to stay competitive. It’s no longer about being ambitious and hardworking anymore. Promo distributors need to evaluate their business at all sides in order to discover gaps that hinder them from hitting their sales targets. It’s time to shake things up with how to do your business with these four essentials that every promo business should have and how technology can help achieve them. 

1. Talent

Good talent is the secret of the well-oiled machine that is your business. However, recruiting more is not the solution you need to hit sales targets. Make sure that you have more bandwidth to make those things possible by investing more in technology. 

Solution: Brandengine’s time-saving and efficient tools save businesses up to 70% of their time so that they can focus on more important matters. Whether it’s tedious manual admin tasks, back-and-forth communication with clients and suppliers, or team management, you can efficiently do them all in one platform with Brandengine. The time that businesses save can be spent on their team’s training, coaching, and adopting new skills to reach their full potential. 

2. Agility

Most promo companies would claim that they are agile but who is ready for all the changes and challenges that the world throws at them? While you can’t prepare for everything, increasing customer responsiveness and having a cross-functional team help in keeping the business nimble.

Solution: Brandengine has many tools that allow faster customer response. Powered by Promodata, the centralised APPA-powered supplier database, you can access products from the top suppliers in the region. Sixty thousand (60,000!) products will be added to it by the end of November. 

Quoting is also easier as it can be done in the system in just a few seconds.

As almost every process can be done through Brandengine, your team can easily learn and transition to any part of the business. The easy-to-use platform provides seamless end-to-end integration from ideation to deployment. 

3. Tech

Having the right system, processes, and tools make a world of difference in how a promo business is run. The promo industry is known for still doing things old school, from manually uploading items into the database, creating quotes by copying and pasting information from the supplier to a Word document, and all the go-betweens between the clients and suppliers. Automating these tasks to make each task as fast and easy as possible allows for friction-free orders and customer experience. 

Solution: By signing up to Brandengine, you get access to our order management, CRM, eCommerce, and tracking tools that reduce overhead, improve efficiency, and increase profits. For an overview of Brandengine features and benefits, you can check out our Distributors page. 

4. Insights

To set SMART goals, a business has to know how they’re doing using analytics and data. Having these two things allow a business to create specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic goals and plan to hit their targets. 

Solution: With Brandengine, you can analyse and track each project to know where your blind spots lie with our analytics and tracking tools. Finally, since you’ll also have free time on your hands due to the automation of tasks, you’ll also be able to focus on creating and implementing actionable plans for your business. 

How will you do things differently this year?

Do you expect to achieve breakthrough results this year by doing the same things you’ve been doing? The only way to transform your business is through innovation and technology. Sign up for Brandengine today!

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